Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Szczepanski

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff. Often times, simple acts of kindness are taken for granted and fall unnoticed through the cracks. These past few months have been tiresome and stressful not only for John, but for myself as well, and I know that were it not for your kindness and expertise as well as the courteous efficiency of the staff we would not have made it through this far without our collective sanity intact.

Pleased as I have been thus far, however, my main reason for composing this letter was to express my gratitude to you on a personal level.

Throughout this ordeal, you have addressed all my questions and concerns regarding my husband's condition and subsequent surgeries with patience and clarity. It has been my unfortunate experience to encounter more than one physician in the past who did not find it worth his time to extend this simple courtesy, perhaps believing such worries did not warrant the extra time or effort to address. Your willingness to listen more than effectively conveys your compassion and dedication to your patients, and further strengthens the doctor-patient relationship, crucial on so many levels, with trust and understanding.

There are many professionals who would better themselves to realize that being a doctor is more than just a scattering of letters after one's name, a diploma on a wall, or skill with a scalpel. A doctor's job requires more than just an examination of the broken body. A true physician must also embrace the role of healer, and acknowledge the human frailty of his patient. He is driven not by ego, financial gain or reputation, but rather with the best interests of his patient at heart. The most skilled and talented physicians can make the poorest doctors if they allow themselves to lose sight of the human element, the will and desire to heal and help others that brought them into the field of medicine to begin with.

You are a true credit to your office, your profession, and your field. There are many who could better themselves by taking a lesson from the fine example that you say each day.

Speaking as one individual who has been fortunate enough to benefit from your skills, I thank you. With warm


Dear Szczepanski

I want to take this moment to thank both of you for assisting us at the finish line of the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon. It is good that we can count on you to help the runners who have completed running 26,2 miles. Taking care of their sore and, sometimes, bloody feet insure that they get the medical treatment they need. I thank both of you for taking time out, particularly on a Sunday in helping make our marathon a success. I look forward to working with you on next year's race.

Again, thanks for the help on this year's race. Until I speak with you, take care, enjoy the moment, and the coming holiday season.

Dewey J. Ames Project Manager

Dear Dr. Szczepanski

Thank you so very much for taking such fine care of my foot. You were so gracious, and kind, not to mention generous, to fit me with my new 'boot." Needless to say, the girls in my art classes were taken by the style. We'll probably see an entire new line of footwear in next year's boots. Again, thank you for your expert care.


Dr. Szczepanski

Thank you to all of you! Your demeanor, patient care and customer service were far above the best I have ever received in a health care facility.

You made me very comfortable from the moment I arrived in your office. Having broke my foot and needing a cast, you made a scary (and painful) situation pleasant and tolerable. Thank you! Thank you! You're the best! I will definitely recommend you, and if ever, myself or my family should need your services, you're the first and only "Foot Healthcare Team," I will consider.

All my best,

Dear Dr. Balon:

On July 18, 2003, at 8am, I had a bunionectomy at Providence Surgical Center. Dr. Jeffrey Szczepanski performed the surgery. This may have been a small surgery for some but for me it was a very anxious time as I have only had one other surgery and that was nearly 30 years ago. I wanted to comment on the surgical center and the physician.

The nurses, nurse anesthetist, two resident physicians and all the other staff at the surgical center who prepared me for my surgery were outstanding. They were thorough, conscientious and concerned for my safety and welfare. I was treated as an individual, not just as another patient. I want to commend all the staff that was on duty that morning forgiving me a feeling of well-being and care. I can't say enough good things about them.

Dr. Szczepanski was just as outstanding. He performed the surgery in such a manner that I not only didn't have any swelling, I didn't have any pain, and still don't. It's almost embarrassing to have surgery of any kind and have no pain. As a diabetic, I was also very concerned about Infection but once I got a look at the surgical site, I was amazed at the cleanliness and lack of bruising. I have already referred Dr. Szczepanski to a family member and will do so again with confidence and sincerely.

Thank you for a wonderful surgical experience.


Dear Dr. Szczepanski,

On behalf of the St. John Health Board of Trustees and the communities St. John Health serves, it is an honor and privilege to acknowledge you for commitment to the "Physicians Who Care" project.

With nearly 1.3 million uninsured people in Michigan and nearly 280,000 living in the city of Detroit many of these from working families-we know that the challenges facing health care are many. Thanks, however, to your generous gifts of time and talent, hundreds of the working poor are finding both their faith and their health restored-a true blessing in these fragile times.

From the woman who received a desperately needed thyroidectomy and is now back to singing in her church choir, to the young man who wanted to have his colostomy reversed and is now looking forward to an interview with a local automotive company, your support of the Physicians Who Care project is helping rebuild lives, strengthen families and fortify communities on encounter at a time.

Across St. John Health, our Mission and Vision call us to provide the highest quality patient care experience to all who seek it-particularly the poor and vulnerable. Thank you for helping us to keep these promises to the people who have entrusted their care to us. Thank you for believing that by working together we can transform health care and create a system that "leaves no one behind," It is an honor to have you as a member of our health care team. Wishing you continued success in all that you do.

Elliot Joseph
President and CEO
St. John Health

Dearest Dr. Szczepanski:

Again, you are me and my mother (Velma's) hero. Your referral to vascular surgeon, Bill Oppat, probably saved my mom's life. She had poor blood circulation and an ultrasound revealed that she had carotid stenosis. Her left neck artery was 95% blocked. Dr. Oppat's partner, Tamer Boules, performed an urgent Enterarterectomy on April 27, 2007 at Providence Hospital. Mom spent 3 days in there and the procedure was a success. Everyone at the hospital treated her so nice- So again, thank you for taking my mother's healthcare so seriously, for you are truly blessed with the discernment of knowing the human body, as well as the human spirit.


Dear Dr. Szczepanski,

I can't express enough the heartfelt gratitude I have for you in taking care of my wife these past three years. You not only took excellent medical care of her, but also your bedside manner and caring reaches to the heart of your patients and their families. Please never change that bedside manner and caring. My wife spoke very highly of you. I know at times she seemed difficult, but she knew you cared above all. I will desperately miss my wife and the void will never be filled until the day of our resurrection and we are together again. My strong faith assures me of that. I loved her dearly.

May God be with you and thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Dr. Szczepanski,

I would like to thank you all for being so kind to my family and me during my surgery and my visits to your office. The surgery on my foot went very well and my foot feels 100% better. I no longer trip over invisible bumps on the floor LOL. There is no pain in my foot and I have no more back pain, it feels good to be able to take walks without any pain. I feel like I could run a marathon (NOT!)

Thank you so much,

Dear Dr. Szczepanski,

A year ago no one could have told me that I would have still been pain free and enjoying life the way ! used to before the procedure.

Just over three years ago, I started to experience sharp pains in my heel, in the beginning it just happened in the morning and it would go away after a few minutes. Gradually the pain started to happen during the day too- By the time I came to see you my arch felt like it was pulled so tight and my heel hurt so bad I could hardly walk. ! stopped exercising, I stopped taking walks, and ! stopped doing anything that would require me to be on my feet for an extended period of time.

First of all I would like to thank you and your entire staff for being so understanding with me during my visits. After my initial visit and diagnosis I was given a cortisone shot in my heel and fitted for inserts. I felt immediate relief from the shot and diligently wore my inserts, however, after a few short months the pain returned and ! received a second injection. !t was at this time that you suggested that surgery might be our only option if the injection did not relieve my pain this time. Again a few months went by and I returned, frustrated and tired of feeling miserable. After a lengthy discussion of my options, and my fear of surgery because of my diabetes, we opted for physical therapy. This helped for the day of therapy but not for any extended period of time. Back to the office for more consultation and the introduction of a new procedure called OSSATRON or "Shockwave Treatment for Heel Pain"!!!

The treatment was ideal for me because of my diabetes and fear of not healing properly. Insurance approval was a must because of the expense. You and your staff bent over backwards trying to get this approval for me and it worked.

This procedure was done in an out-patient facility and was over in a few hours from the time ! arrived until the time ! left. After check in, ! was visited by a number of staff who took my vitals, checked my blood, questioned my medical history and most important took time to explain the entire procedure to me. I was hooked up to an !V and taken to the operating room where ! was shown the OSSATRON machine and again explained in detail the procedure. ! was slowly put to sleep and woke up with a wrapped foot that was very numb. Because of the numbness ! had a hard time walking to the car but ! was assured that all the numbness would go away within 24 hours. ! was also told that ! might experience pain in my heel for a few weeks but that would also go away. The next morning ! woke up with no numbness and PAIN FREE! ! was ecstatic and ready to take on anything. My husband kept reminding me to go slow-"It's just the first day".

It has been that way every day for the last year. ! have no heel pain...) have no arch pain ...! have my life back, we travel again, take long walks again and I can exercise again.

THANK YOU for taking the time to explore this procedure for me, for listening to me about me fear of surgery and for being a constant support during the year we were trying to fix this problem.

I have sent many friends to you (as I'm sure you know). I have told my other doctors about you and your wonderful staff and I will continue to sing your praises!!!

God Bless All of You!


Dear Dr. Szczepanski,

I just wanted to write you a short note to thank you for performing the shockwave treatment an my heel. As you know, I have had over two years of severe pain in my heel.

Your nerve block injections and the shockwave treatment were totally painless. I am so glad that you offered me this treatment in your office.

Please feel free to share this letter with your patients who may have some anxiety about having this procedure performed,

I have a number of friends that I work with who also have heel pain. I think a lot of them will be calling you


Dear Dr. Szczepanski

Thank you for being so kind and helpful before my surgery and during my recovery. It is amazing to see such a busy facility operate both professionally and pleasantly.


Dear Dr. Sczepanski and staff,

My sincere thank you for my successful foot surgery! Although my surgery was minor compared to others, it was still difficult for me to trust initially.

Thanks to you, your knowledge, skills, experience and staff, I trusted an now am walking and running without pain.

Thank you again!


Deborah M.

P.S. Now if I only can get the courage and patience required to have my bunionectomy, you'll see me again.

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